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The staff at OSC are great!  Dr. Colleen Peleaux is treating me for rosacea, and as this was the first time I've had anything like this done, she took time to explain the procedure and what to expect, and made sure I was comfortable throughout.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some improvement after the first session, and am anxious to complete my treatment!”

— Julie H.

I was really amazed with the results of my photo facial laser treatment! My skin is healthy and my hyper pigmentation scars disappeared! Just one treatment and I already can say that my skin looks more youthful. This is truly one of the best treatments for removing unwanted dark spots...”

— Arnella E.

I continue to be amazed every time I look in the mirror. The two photo facials that I had at OSC Aesthetic Services have removed the red spots on my nose and the fine red lines and red spots on my face. I am happy to see that my complexion is much clearer. Each step of the treatments was explained to me, so there were no surprises. The staff was very kind and accommodating in scheduling my appointments to fit my schedule."

— Elizabeth K.

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I have battled dark, unwanted hair on my jawline for over 10 years. I was tweezing every day. When I was presented with the opportunity to permanently remove it, there was no question. At my first session with Dr. Peleaux she did a skin type analysis, explained the procedure, and did the first treatment. It was relatively painless. It felt like a little, light rubber band hitting my skin. 10 minutes later I was walking out of the office THRILLED with the whole process and eagerly anticipating the next session. I have had 4 of 6 treatments and there has been a 90% reduction of hair. I haven't tweezed in 3 months. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone with unwanted hair. Dr. Colleen Peleaux works wonders with the Icon Laser!"

— Lauren A.

I am so happy with the two treatments I have started with OSC Aesthetic Services. I have been fighting unwanted facial hair for years and after my first treatment I could already see a huge reduction in the amount of hair on the upper lip and chin. Today was my second treatment with 4 to go and I am confident that when we are finished I will be very pleased with my results. In addition to the hair removal, I am having the photo facial. I had one really dark mole on my face that has been drastically lighten by my first session with more to come. There are several brown spots on my face that have been treated that are getting lighter. Dr. Colleen Peleaux is always kind and takes the time to explain to me what she is doing. She makes you feel comfortable and wants your experience to be a positive one. If you are looking for a comfortable place to have some positive things done I recommend this office. Thank you for all you have already done and I look forward to our next appointments."

— Kathy A.