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Diminish Appearance of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be caused by many factors. Weight gain and loss, pregnancy, puberty, and more can leave you with these unsightly lines along your skin. If you are tired of trying to cover your stretch marks and are ready to reveal healthy, smooth skin, Icon laser stretch mark removal treatments performed by Dr. Peleaux can help!

The Icon laser delivers pulses of light directly to the affected area, which works to break down the stretch mark. This process allows the body to generate new, healthy tissue that will help smoothen and tighten the skin. Unlike other procedures, laser stretch mark removal is completely surgery-free and requires little to no downtime. The treatments can be completed right in our office and usually only take about thirty minutes. Occasionally patients experience some redness and swelling after treatment sessions, but many times patients are able to return to normal daily activities without any downtime.


If you’re ready to get back your clear, smooth skin, call Oral Surgeons of Charlotte today and be rid of those stretch marks for good!

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Watch: How the Icon™ Laser Diminishes Stretch Marks