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Fast Hair Removal with Icon Laser Treatments

Are you tired of wasting time and money on razors, creams, and waxing? If you’re ready to finally get rid of that stubborn hair for good, we can help! The Icon laser offers non-invasive removal treatments that can be completed right in the comfort of our office. The Icon laser can be used on all areas of the body and is completely safe, even for the most sensitive locations!

underarm hair removal

These treatments can be performed right in the office and are fast! After only a few treatment sessions you will see a dramatic reduction  of hair that will last. The treatments are generally not considered painful and require no downtime. Some patients experience minor swelling immediately after the procedure and a sunburn-like sensation that typically lasts two to 24 hours.


If you’re ready to finally stop shaving and waxing for good, give Oral Surgeons of Charlotte a call and schedule your appointment with Dr. Peleaux today!

Laser hair removal is virtually pain-free. The light-based technology emits gentle pulses of energy directly into the skin and hair follicles responsible for hair growth. This light heats the follicle, which absorbs the energy, is destroyed, and unable to produce hair again. You will experience only a light snapping sensation against your skin. Hair color, texture, and density can affect how many treatments will be needed, however the Icon laser is able to treat all hair and skin types effectively.

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