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Remove Dark Spots and Birthmarks with Icon Laser Treatments

Do you find yourself trying to hide the signs of sun damage, or birthmarks with makeup and clothing? If you’re embarrassed by dark spots or birthmarks, there is a solution for you! The Icon laser can remove sun spots, dark spots, and birthmarks without the need for surgery or invasive treatments.


The Icon laser delivers pulses of light directly into the birthmark, or sun spot. This process activates your body’s natural healing process, allowing the marks to disappear over time. These treatments can be completed right in the office and require little to no downtime for recovery. Because the Icon laser features melanin index technology at each treatment, you can be sure that the laser is safely set to your skin’s exact tone.

While the procedure is not considered painful, you will experience a cooling sensation against the skin as the laser works.  Some patients report a sunburn-like feeling accompanied by minor swelling immediately following the treatment. Generally this lasts less than 24 hours and most patients are able to return to their daily activities almost immediately.


If you’re ready to help revitalize your skin and finally say goodbye to those age spots and birthmarks, call Oral Surgeons of Charlotte today!

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